Retail Cash Solutions

StrongPoint Cash Security helps retailers to streamline operations and increase productivity through a unique product portfolio of cash management and cash logistics solutions.


StrongPoint offers solutions for efficient cash management at the checkout and secure cash logistics within the store.
StrongPoint’s cash logistics solution for retailers features a security deposit case with IBNS technology. This solution completely seals the cash transport and storage within the store.

StrongPoint’s cash management offering automates and secures the cash processes in the store. The cash management software gives retailers total control over their cash and opportunities for better optimisation of store operations.

Q-Collector Maxi

Light-weight deposit security case for retail operations

The Q-Collector Maxi is a combined bulk cash and deposit carrying security case. The Q-Collector Maxi has a specially designed deposit hatch, which enables the user to rotate seal bags with banknotes into the case. This allows for smaller pickups in shopping centers or own stores. The Q-Collector Maxi can also be used as a safe in the checkout area or back office.

  • Capacity for up to 8000 unused banknotes in a plastic seal bag
  • Capacity for up to 5000 banknotes in seal bags deposited through the deposit hatch
  • Lightweight with an empty weight of only 10.5 kg
  • Market leading BW/CW ratio 0.76 (Banknote loading Weight/Case Weight ratio)
  • High speed banknote neutralization system which also penetrates seal bags
  • Superior and irreversible staining process within milliseconds
  • Equipped with the unique, patented, StrongPoint electronic shield
  • Multiple sensors to detect intrusion attempt
  • Minimal footprint for convenient operation in narrow spaces
  • Can be transported in intelligent or non-intelligent racks
  • Can be filled and emptied while still sitting in a rack
  • Logs all handling and events
  • Simple and fast user interface
  • Single hand user action during unarming and opening
  • Customer defined volume inside case for installation of external devices
  • No charging required


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