ATM Solutions

StrongPoint Cash Security helps financial institutes and other ATM operators optimise and secure their operations through a number of ATM security solutions to meet various needs. Our offering includes solutions for stand-alone and End-to-End processes for ATM replenishments. 


The StrongPoint Q-ATM E2E cash degradation product suite offers a complete and superior solution package for different types of ATM manufacturers, models, replenishment scenarios, security and operational requirements.

The Q-ATM E2E is a fully flexible solution that can be set and operated as a stationary protection for the ATM, alternatively as a full, true End to End solution where the cash content in the ATM cassettes are protected during the whole replenishment cycle. The Q-ATM E2E can easily be upgraded from a stationary ATM protection solution to an End-to-End ATM replenishment solution.

A number of patented technologies are used within the StrongPoint ATM security products and solutions, including destruction mechanisms and timer solution. The combined package, all included in the different models of the Q-ATM product line makes our offer to the customer unique in many respects, both from a product security standpoint, but also on an operational level.

The solutions have been developed in close cooperation with ATM manufacturers. This has resulted in a flexible system that can be installed in the factory, during the staging process or in the field. Our solution also features a high integration level to maintain the ATM up-time and dispensing capacity.

Q-ATM E2E with Q-Cut Electronic

End-to-End security for ATM replenishments

The Q-ATM E2E cash degradation security solution is developed to cover stationary protection of an ATM as well as a true End-to-End replenishment operation of an ATM fleet. The system highlights are to be robust, fulfil the strictest product security certification requirements, simple to operate, simple and flexible to upgrade with more sensors or to simply switch from a stationary protection setup to an End-to-End protection setup with the same hardware.

The Q-ATM E2E solution offering provides all deliverables needed to setup an efficient End-to-End replenishment cycle including rack trolleys, vehicle racks and stationary racks.

Q-ATM E2E features:

  • High security level
  • Has reached the highest available security certification
  • High speed banknote neutralisation system
  • Superior and irreversible staining process within milliseconds
  • Simple, fast and standardised installation in ATM safe
  • Simple end user handling, no additional interventions compared to a standard ATM
  • Installation in ATM can be performed in production, during staging or in field
  • Standard, non-protected cassettes can be used in an ATM with the Q-ATM E2E APU system
  • Supports both stationary & E2E replenishment operation
  • Superior surveillance and sensor monitoring for highest available ATM security
  • Further external sensors and inputs/outputs can easily be added to the APU 
  • Flexible software settings to support different security and replenishment requirements
  • No reduction in cassette banknote carrying capacity
  • ATM vendor/ATM safe independent
  • System can be retrofitted in used as well as new ATM cassettes
  • No need for intermediate charging, up to two years continuous operation

Q-Case Maxi

Light-weight deposit security case for retail operations

The Q-Case Maxi is a bulk-cash carrying security case for use in (semi-)armored or non-armored vehicles. The Q-Case Maxi has capacity to carry one unprotected ATM cassette.

The Q-Case Maxi features:

  • Capacity for up to 8000 unused banknotes in a plastic seal bag
  • Capacity for one unprotected ATM cassette from Wincor Nixdorf NG or V4, NCR Currency Cassette, Diebold Opteva or Talaris NMD 50 and 100
  • Lightweight with an empty weight of only 9.5 kg
  • Market leading BW/CW ratio 0.88 (Banknote loading Weight/Case Weight ratio)
  • High speed banknote neutralization system which also penetrates seal bags
  • Superior and irreversible staining process within milliseconds
  • Equipped with the unique, patented, StrongPoint electronic shield
  • Multiple sensors to detect intrusion attempt
  • Minimal footprint for convenient operation in narrow spaces
  • Can be transported in intelligent or non-intelligent racks
  • Can be filled and emptied while still sitting in a rack
  • Logs all handling and events
  • Simple and fast user interface
  • Single hand user action during unarming and opening
  • Customer defined volume inside case for installation of external devices
  • No charging required


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Racks and SoftCar Solutions

Intelligent, modular and flexible rack solutions for vehicles and cash centers

StrongPoint Cash Security offers intelligent, modular and flexible rack solutions adjusted to the customer’s operation. A wide range of racks is available, from stand-alone racks to advanced customer specified systems in vehicles or cash centres. In combination with our SoftCar Rack Control Unit our customers are able to build an effective storage and logistics system with the highest security for the handling of security cases and ATM cassettes.


  • One rack system for security cases and ATM cassettes
  • Stand-alone racks or advanced customer specified systems
  • Modular based system
  • Pre-build packages for easy installation in existing vehicles
  • Highest security with SoftCar Rack Control Unit
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